Thursday, January 26, 2012

A visit from the Social Traveler

Yesterday I got a visit from someone who calls himself the Social Traveler. He is Bjorn, from Belgium, and already for 2 years he travels around the world wherever people invite him. He has a website, The Social Traveler, and on this page people can post invites, challenges or tips. This way, he lets himself guide from country to country.
Bjorn was in Geneva last week, so I said that Chur is not that far and he was welcome for a visit. At first the timing didn't seem to be right for him, but apparently plans changed later and so we met up in Chur.
It was a fun night. Chur is still an enigma for me as much as for Bjorn, so we just hung around the Old City for a bit and set out in search for a place to eat. I had a typical Swiss dish, 'bratwurst mit rösti' - sister, if you're reading this: I'm sure you would have loved it! Starting to discover the local cuisine, aber natürlich!
Afterwards, we went to Werkstatt, the place where I went with all the architects, which is the only place I know by now in Chur. But I kind of love it. A nice place for a beer! On the way there - I miraculously lost my way again in the Altstadt - we got to talking with someone who is definitely a local, because he started telling us about the city. With the little German I know by now, I got to understand that Chur is the oldest city in the Alps, if I'm correct. The friendly Swiss guy also showed us the oldest lamp in the city, which works on gas. They used to light it manually every night - again, if I'm not mistaken. I find this funny; these are the kind of facts you want to know about a city, right? I have seen the oldest lamp in Chur :).

Apart from that, nothing special happened, except that it was a nice evening full of travel talk and discussion about how to blog, how to get material out in the open and how to chase your dreams. Talk that suits me fine, in other words. I am planning to create a website which centralizes all my writing and photography material. I am not sure yet how to do this, so if anyone can help me with this, or give me tips or tricks in any way, you'd have my eternal gratitude. And that means a lot ;).
And so, the Social Traveler has seen Chur, which is another city on his list, before he moved on to Strasbourg. Nice, right?

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