Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Days without meat

Hmmm, here we go. Another challenge, albeit a bit different from last year's Dry July.
This year, for lent, I am going to abstain from eating meat and fish, in order to think more ecologically. Apart from my ecological footprint, it is also just a challenge to myself - will I be able to eat no meat and fish at all for 40 days?
Luckily, the website of Days without meat offers some great recipes to get me through those days. So not only should I help the environment (a very, tiny, little bit), but I should also learn some great new stuff in the kitchen and I should be proud of myself if I will have been able to not cheat, in the end.
I am proud to say that I have been able to mobilize at least 2 other people to join me in this challenge: Gautier and Victor, colleagues in the office. At least this makes my lunches a bit less heavy :).

So, here we go, day 1. Let's see how we go with this. Cheers!

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