Friday, December 30, 2011


I have never before owned anything. No apartment, no car, nothing worth mentioning. Nothing 'serious'. Because let's face it - what am I going to do with them when I suddenly get 'the itch' again and decide that I want to go somewhere else?
Little girls grow older, however, and this time it is different. With the new job I will be moving abroad, so a new car really was in order. The old Peugeot that I shared with my brother rattled on all sides and I think the poor little thing would've given up the moment the mountains came in sight. The fact that it misses its radio and a bunch of other stuff, only made me make the decision faster.
I kind of freaked out a bit over the idea of 'owning' something - hence being responsible for something and more specifically: being responsible for the payment of something -, however small this car might be. But once again, indecisiveness is not in order at this point, so I started looking around for second-hand cars that might make it in the mountains.
There weren't too many options, and my choice fell on a small Citroen C3. I was immediately in love with it. I love those cars and they drive so smoothly, quite an improvement over the Peugeot. I also love the fact that it is new enough, so it is twice ecological - they didn't have to make a new car for me AND I fall under the new exhaust legislation and all that. Ecology first!
It has all the fancy poo-ha that a girl could wish for - except for parking assistance, which might sometimes prove tricky. I have always done without though, so I'll just soon have to get used to the new measurements of my car.

The only 'problem' that I have - or might have had - with my new little beauty is that it is ...
white. Stark white. Snow white. Creepy white. Really WHITE white.
Now, I have been told that white is very 'in' right now, for a car. I have my doubts, but as I said, there wasn't much choice so here we are. I have an open mind though; somewhere along the way I might grow accustomed to the fact that I am driving a white car - something I always said I would never do. The words 'never say never' strangely pop up in my head here ...

I am a girl (or should I say woman? For some reason I never - sorry, 'hardly ever' - refer to myself as a woman) so I always name the things I like. For example my snowboard is called Burtie. Maybe that hasn't much so much to do with me being a girl but rather with me being slightly off my rocker, but that's a bit beside the point I think.
My new car is something that I like, and I will have to travel long and far with him, so I wanted to create a little 'bond' here. I baptized my car ...
Alright, I am very aware of the fact that that sounds stupid, especially in Belgium where people would think of a little old woman, shuffling along the streets with a walking rack, when confronted with the name 'Germaine'. But I am talking about the gangsta version of the name here. Pronounced a bit like Djur-maaayne. Then you have to form the gangsta sign with your hands and shake it and say "Yeah, Djur-maaayne, yeahhhh." That's the type of Germaine I mean. I chose this name to make up for his whiteness, to make him a bit more badass. Because let me tell you, this little tough guy will get me a long way and he will not let me down. Again, never say never, but I am a true believer of 'you reap what you sow'. I will treat him very kindly, wash and feed him often, and we will have a lot of fun together. If I raise him well he will treat me with respect in return and therefore he will not let me down. My logic may stun you, but this is the way my mind works ... Little things please little minds ;-).

I have dressed Germaine with his winter tires and have gotten myself the little vignette for Swiss highways - this year it is a fancy green that will go well with his white jacket (although I am still not a fan of sticking it right on his brand new front window - those things are a bitch to get off in the end!) so we are ready to go on January 2nd. I am excited. Nervous, but excited. I'm sure Germaine feels it too. Our first big trip together - the first of many, I may hope!

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